Impressions of the Berlin Investment Forum 2016


What is the role of private and institutional investments to reach climate goals?

To understand and inspire what drives investments towards low carbon economy is the aim of this conference. It involves all interest groups relevant to achieve the goals of a sustainable energy development. Starting from the scientific and political state of discussion after COP21 it will show opportunities and debate barriers to move further ahead: What does “shifting” mean exactly, how much is the amount we’re talking about? What does a successful transition need, are the financial systems prepared? What actions need to be taken? How can private and institutional investors drive energy innovation and a process of transition? Do we need new financial products such as “Green Bonds”? At the Berlin Investment Forum all important stakeholder share their opinions and experiences.


The Paris Agreement has sent a clear sign that the world is serious about tackling climate change. The agreement reflects important dynamics in the global transformation towards low-carbon economies that we can already see today: Great Britain recently decided to shut down all coal-fired power plants until 2025 and the in the course of the „Energiewende“, the German government is investing in renewable energies. Even China, facing massive ecological destruction, wants to lower its hunger for fossil energy sources.

Speakers and attendees

Climate scientists and think-tanks, top-level policy makers and financial regulators, private investors and family offices as well as financial institutions, such as banks, pension funds and insurances.