9:30am: Opening


9:40am: Regulation and Incentives to Foster Green Investments (Keynote)

How strong is the influence of politics on risk and return of sustainable investments?
How can politics support green investments – and will they? How much regulation of
green investments is needed? Which role will sustainability play for the German
government as the host of 2017’s G20 summit? What is the long-term plan to reach
the climate goals regarding financial investments? How could market stability be
affected by shifting traditional investments to green investment products?

10:20am: Impact of Green Investment on Companies and Investment Portfolios (Workshops)
The workshops of this session cover multiple issues regarding green investments, and
facilitate an exchange of knowledge among participants. Each workshop provides deep
insight into one individual topic. Stakeholders are welcome to discuss their current
major issues and to present their ideas, strategies and solutions. All workshops will be
held parallel.

Possible topics could be:
• Criteria for Green Investment and Measurements
• Foundation Capital in Green Investment
• Risk Assessment in Green Investment
• Specific Questions of Private Wealth Management in Green Investment
• Regulation and Taxation in Green Investment


11:50 am The State of Green Investments (Open Discussion)
What is happening in the financial markets? How are they changing? How can the
existing movement towards sustainable investing be strengthened? Which financial
products are necessary to foster this movement, and which have already been success
fully developed?

12:20pm: Lunch-Break

1:40pm: Current Investment Possibilities – Technology of Today as an Investment Target
E-Cars, solar power or pollution-reduction: which green technologies will affect the
economy in the upcoming years? Get an overview of cutting edge technologies and
their potential for investments.
Companies will present their visions in short elevator pitches, professional investors
and the public will discuss strengths and weaknesses of these investment

2:20pm: Investment Possibilities – Visions for Investment in Technology of Tomorrow
(open discussion)
Meet young start-up entrepreneurs and their fresh ideas for green technologies and
services. Discuss their visions with professional venture capitalists.

3:00pm: Get-together

4:00pm: End